What DJs Have To Say

Here are some things DJs have to say about the The DJ Way project.

“Cristina is the Dalai Lama for DJs!” – Eric Miller aka DJ Lo-Fi

“I really feel that your work is ground breaking!  No one has done research like this before. I really liked the part that involves the subconscious aspect of the DJ process.” – Anthony Granata

“Cristina at The DJ Way is a genuine friend to aspiring DJs who seek to better understand themselves as artists.  Before I wrote to Cristina, I had been mixing electronic music as a hobby with the sole intent of playing what pleased my own ears.  By probing into what motivates me and what I hope to accomplish in my career as a DJ, Cristina helped me brand my sound.  I have never been so introspective into my own creative process and how it differentiated me from other DJs until I worked with Cristina.  She helped me break through my self-imposed restriction to avoid repeating the same producers within a mix and instead simply celebrate what sounds good!  I can honestly say that while working with her I produced my best mixes yet.  Her constructive criticism challenged me to not necessarily change my taste in music, but rather be more flexible and open when screening songs.  Working with Cristina made me less selfish and more focused on listening audiences when determining an appropriate pace to what I mix together.  I never thought sending a simple e-mail to her would result in such a positive transformation of my sound.  I’m grateful to Cristina as ever for her support and promotion of DJ culture, but more personally for encouraging my labor of love with her generous feedback.”
– John Becker, Big Electric, http://soundcloud.com/bigelectric and https://www.facebook.com/bigelectricsounds

“I love the approach you chose to take, and I believe you’re coming at this from a unique point of view. I can’t recall, reading anything quite like this.  I love how you broke down the creative process, especially the “ritual” and “illumination”, and I think you support your case here very well.” – Marc Santos

“Cristina draws from her conversations with a range of high-ranking DJs to encourage a variety of artistic approaches and advise on best practices. She debunks the myth that successful artists are “touched by God” and motivates her clients to focus on the critical issues: dedication, perseverance, intentionality and self-care. Cristina offers support with a mixture of care, tough love and accountability, understanding your negative patterns and helping to course-correct them.” – Roseanne Malfucci aka DJ Fucci

“Reading your post helped me identify what it was in my thinking and I’ve been able to make the shift in my consciousness. THANK YOU!!!” – Phillip Kimball

  1. March 31st, 2012
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