When Life Gets In The Way

Colleen Hover

Colleen Hoover

Every artist, no matter what medium, has a life.  Let’s talk about life events – whether you get blindsided or have something momentous happen, we all experience things that shift our priorities and change our perspectives.  Personally, I had a life experience that not only took me away from DJ’ing, it forever altered how I feel about myself as a DJ and how I manifest as a DJ now.  I’ve talked about taking breaks and stepping away for a while to let your creative process marinate in your brain.  That’s not what I’m addressing here. I think it’s important to talk about lifestyle changes and events that occur that can feel all consuming or just plainly need to be number one on your list.  And sometimes, other things just have to take precedent.  There are artists that completely forgo life events in pursuit of their art.  That’s their choice.  However, I think there is a reality that we all must deal with at some point – whether it’s a life you’ve brought into the world, death, a job, illness, or burn out.

Here’s my advice on the matter. You never have to give up DJ’ing (or producing). Even if you just touch it  – listening to music, going to see a set, checking in on your favorite DJs. That’s enough and in some cases may be your safe space to deal with your reality. The bottom line is you can still be a DJ even if you don’t touch your decks.  You see, the creative process is still happening even if you keep up with it in small ways.  The point is to keep going no matter what.  And when you get to a point where your situation eases you will be in a much better position to reset and carry on.

DJ’ing is a purpose, it’s a way of expression, it is fundamental to your psyche and well being.  There is NO REASON why you can’t have it in your life no matter what is happening.

So allow yourself to still be in it, even if it’s just listening to one song now and then.

Love to all the DJs out there.

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